Best Rock Chuck Berry Johnny B. Goode

Best Rock Chuck Berry Johnny B. Goode

Chuck Berry, who died Saturday March 18th 2017 at the age of 90, was a proud and difficult man. He was also a genius. As a player, as a songwriter, and as a performer, he was a master of invention, transforming the rolling rhythms of Louis Jordan and the guitar figures of T-Bone Walker into the rhythmic foundation of half the rock songs you’ve ever heard. Rooted in the blues and with an ear for American country music, Berry blew things up and out with his first hits; he helped to create another form. Chuck Berry was to rock music what Louis Armstrong was to jazz—a foundational figure; if not quite singular, then as close as it gets.

I just wanted to thank Chuck Berry for the best rock music can bring.

“If you had tried to give rock and roll another name,” John Lennon once said, “you might call it ‘Chuck Berry.’ ”
Great live versions of Bye bye Johnny and Johnny B. Good by Chuck Berry in 1972 with Michael Snow on piano. (Rockin’ at the Hops)

chunk berry best rock

Artist: Chuck Berry

Awards: Grammy Hall of Fame
Genres: Rock, Pop
His Johnny B. Goode is on Voyager 1 & 2 spacecraft. You were more than good Chuck. You will be missed.”