GOOGLE YouTube Unveils New Monetization Rules Killing Ad Revenue

Hey guys, just wanted to bring the new Youtube Monetization Policy to your attention. Just a quick discussion about the YouTube Partner Program Changes 2018! The YPP Changes have a lot of Small Creators screaming “I QUIT”. I’m going to be impacted by this Change as I will lose Monetization and here are my thoughts […]

Wal-Mart Is Screwed to late to Compete with Amazon

Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway has sold off $900 million of Walmart stock, picking rather to put billions in carriers. The deal, which leaves Buffett with about no offers in Walmart, comes as the US’s biggest customary retailer has been hurrying to make up for lost time to Amazon and other online contenders. Wal-Mart Is Screwed […]

Chuck Fitch Of Westland Michigan Found in Crack House

Here’s a true story about an online criminal. Charles Fitch Of Westland Michigan. He first went after eBay seller hubcap Joe after the Klov arcade forum busted him selling fake pinball parts. This Lead an online investigation of formerly known as ebayisajoke. Fox 2 News reporter Rob Walchek from the popular show “The Hall Of […]

Hot Tips How to make $300 Every Day On eBay

In my selling experience with eBay I have found the products buyers are wanting. Instead of throwing up any old items I started researching what sells. Hot Tips How to make $300 Every Day On eBay Make how much on eBay selling? good used products people want. It’s now 2018 and still I find and […]

walmart going bankrupt 2018

Sam’s Club is closing 63 stores and Walmart Closing 269 stores 

Sam’s Club is closing 63 stores and Walmart Closing 269 stores Walmart is suddenly closing sixty three Sam’s Club locations across the United States of America, the corporate told Business corporate executive on Th. Some stores have already shutdown; others can close among weeks. Many staff weren’t educated of the closings prior to time. Ten […]


10 BEST ITEMS TO SELL ON EBAY 2018 when it comes to eBay’s bestsellers – what’s hot and what’s not? Here’s what you need to know Want to know the secret to raking in a fortune on eBay? Struggling to understand why your old casserole pots and electric fan aren’t being snapped up? Subscribe to […]