2018 Dodge Demon Is the Craziest Muscle Car Ever

2018 Dodge Demon Is the Craziest Muscle Car Ever The 2018 Dodge Demon Is an Insane $100,000 840-Horsepower Factory Drag Racer recently had the opportunity to drive the 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon, better known as simply the Dodge Demon, which is a factory-built drag racer. There is simply no other way to describe the purpose […]

GOOGLE YouTube Unveils New Monetization Rules Killing Ad Revenue

Hey guys, just wanted to bring the new Youtube Monetization Policy to your attention. Just a quick discussion about the YouTube Partner Program Changes 2018! The YPP Changes have a lot of Small Creators screaming “I QUIT”. I’m going to be impacted by this Change as I will lose Monetization and here are my thoughts […]

Watch Live: Steven Seagal Joins Alex Jones To Discuss False Sex Assault Allegations

Watch Live: Steven Seagal Joins Alex Jones To Discuss False Sex Assault Allegations Watch Live: Steven Seagal Joins Alex Jones To Discuss False Sex Assault Allegations, Vladimir Putin. Groundbreaking interview sheds light on globalist attempts to undermine Trump. An attack on Famous People like George Takei is blaming all the attention being given to the sexual assault allegations […]

Chuck Fitch Of Westland Michigan Found in Crack House

Here’s a true story about an online criminal. Charles Fitch Of Westland Michigan. He first went after eBay seller hubcap Joe after the Klov arcade forum busted him selling fake pinball parts. This Lead an online investigation of formerly known as ebayisajoke. Fox 2 News reporter Rob Walchek from the popular show “The Hall Of […]

Hot Tips How to make $300 Every Day On eBay

In my selling experience with eBay I have found the products buyers are wanting. Instead of throwing up any old items I started researching what sells. Hot Tips How to make $300 Every Day On eBay Make how much on eBay selling? good used products people want. It’s now 2018 and still I find and […]

How to fix the iMovie exporting problem

All Apple computers, Iphones and tables have the same bugs. It just does not export well to youtube. Apple has not fix this issue and is doing it on purpose. Here is why. Apple only give you 5GB of free icloud Space, Because it’s free they limit your upload time to 15 minutes. This video […]


10 BEST ITEMS TO SELL ON EBAY 2018 when it comes to eBay’s bestsellers – what’s hot and what’s not? Here’s what you need to know Want to know the secret to raking in a fortune on eBay? Struggling to understand why your old casserole pots and electric fan aren’t being snapped up? Subscribe to […]

Dow’s long road to 25,000

Dow’s long road to 25,000. Dow 25,000 may be a milestone over a hundred and twenty years within the creating. The average began following the foremost powerful company stocks in 1896, and has served as a broad live of the market’s health through twenty two presidents, twenty two recessions, a good Depression, a minimum of […]

Black Hole Sun Soundgarden

By the time Soundgarden launched “Superunknown” in 1994, the band already had a platinum album (1991’s “Badmotorfinger”) and helped form the defining sound of ’90s rock tune. but it turned into the trippy video for “Black holesolar” that grew to become the band into megastars within the summer season of 1994 and brought it its largest target market ever. The immediate–conventional video became almost inescapable, now not just because it became in heavy rotation on MTV but because it changed into also nearly impossible to look far from. Black Hole Sun Soundgarden The surreal visuals were so weird and […]

Ebay Parody Song Weird Al Yankovic

Ebay Parody Song Weird Al Yankovic The eBay Song. Originated from Backstreet Boys’ I Want It That Way. A cool parody song about eBay and it’s usage in our lives. eBay is not the place it once was. All the fun ran out after none of my crap would not sell. But then I found […]