eBay founder Commits $100m to fight fake news

eBay founder Commits $100m to fight fake news

eBay founder Commits $100m to fight fake news. A group of EBay representatives run a fake donations scam using unendorsed actors signature. They’re selling fake signed merchandise to raise money to buy motorcycle parts to sell on EBay. Which Scott Hemsaw and cfo, coo of EBay run illegally. known as the tulip riders.

Here I talk about eBay scams made by ebay and paypal executives. All these scams are being run from eBay Facebook Groups. One of the top Funding Groups is Tulip Rides. None of the products are endorsed by any actor as described by the fake donation scam. Venturebeat News On Youtube.

Ebay accused of failing its sellers as fraudulent buyers manipulate the system.

“There is something wrong,” eBay admitted last April. “The system was built on the premise that most people are honest. It needs to be more intuitive.”

Under the experimental scheme, a seller can ask eBay to intervene before issuing a refund if a buyer returns a damaged or substitute item. Ordinarily, they have a week to resolve the dispute before having to part with their money, but an unscrupulous buyer can ignore contact and open a claim directly with eBay. In many cases it issues an automatic refund without any evidence from the seller being considered.

The seller has no recourse under PayPal’s seller protection scheme since this is invalidated when a buyer claims directly through eBay. And although eBay’s own rules require buyers to send disputed items back, refunds are sometimes released before this happens – or after damaged or substitute goods have been returned. Even eBay can see the flaw, and in a brainwave that would seem obvious to anyone else the pilot scheme requests photographic evidence when buyers or sellers allege damage or duplicity.