Here’s why Linkshare Pays better than Amazon Associates

Here’s why Linkshare Pays better than Amazon Associates

Linkshare has been paying out way better than Amazon. Let me tell you why.

Linkshare houses two of the best affiliate programs. #1 with Walmart and #2 Bestbuy. Walmart pays a flat 4% on all products. except smartphone contracts which pay $10 per signup. Bestbuy is low at 2.5% commissions but they pay $5 to $20 on Geeksquad services and cell phone contract sales. and they pay every 30 days via paypal. here I show $3600 in affiliate sales from Walmart and bestbuy sale is a 2 weeks of sales. Amazon skimms links and is so strict with the new policy of a 24 hour pay window it’s not worth it. They also changed the relinking rules. With Amazon you will not be paid for any redirect links or deep linking. Deeplinking is talking a link and pushing it as an ad from the host affiliate site VIA Amazon or other affiliate program links and posting as an ad on your site.

Amazon forces cookies which does not work with modern browsers. Amazon links are also not encrypted making them pose as spam to computer security on websites under ssl and TLS. So all computers will tos the 24 hour cookie. I found this happening on my website and called Amazon to ask to speak to a tech officer on API or call to actions. Amazon associates have no Answers and will not let us speak to anyone with AWS “Amazon web services” to fix it.

After two weeks of emailing someone from AWS they responded and said if your website is under https the links won’t work because amazon Associate links are not encrypted. If you’re not getting paid for link sales that is why. Very rude email too.

So Amazon Associate links poses a threat to all websites. Since you can not encrypt links. web hackers can steal link traffic from all Amazon links. what’s worse without ssl or tls it leaves doors or holes in your sites code that can lead to spam injections making any site using Amazon AWS or Associates programs vulnerable.

Linkshare by has all this covered and monitors all links. linkshare has 60% of all affiliate programs because it’s a well run company. Plus you get a very nice dashboard to run and monitor your affiliate program from. Walmart pays the best out of any affiliate network program today. linkshare has webinars and teachers. Amazon has none of these. Amazon Associates is just the worst associate program. It’s dog poop on your shoe.

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