Kid Rock lawsuit Over Greatest Show on Earth tour

Kid Rock is facing a trademark infringement suit from the showman Bros. and showman & Bailey Circus’ owner over the rocker’s coming “Greatest Show on Earth” tour.

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kid rock suedLive Nation is additionally named within the federal trademark dilution suit, filed Friday at U.S. District Court for the center District of Everglade State. The suit claims that Rock and Live Nation weren’t approved to use the now-dormant circus’ well-known shibboleth for the 2018 trek. Live Nation doesn’t investigate any unfinished proceedings.

“This historic trademark has been a crucial a part of showman Bros. for the past century, and it’s recognized as a sure and painting complete of family-friendly amusement. the best Show On Earth continues to measure on and can do therefore well into the long run. we’ve got no intention of surrendering the trademark or permitting it to be spotted,” Feld amusement Chairman and business executive Kenneth Feld same during a statement.

A representative for Rock failed to reply to Rolling Stone’s request for comment. At press time, Rock’s Twitter page still trumpets the coming “Greatest Show on Earth Tour 2018,” a trek in support of the rocker’s new record Sweet Southern Sugar.

“We have approved licensees for ‘Ringling Bros.’ and ‘The Greatest Show on Earth,’ however child Rock isn’t one in all them,” Feld amusement general counsel Lisa Joiner same during a statement. “Feld amusement wasn’t contacted by child Rock (or anybody else on his behalf) concerning his use of Feld Entertainment’s trademark.”

Feld amusement argues in its suit that the “Greatest Show on Earth” shibboleth could be a “celebrated and valuable” trademark, that has been accredited to firms like Chick-Fil-A and Metro phones PCS