Nintendo Switch 10 Tips & Tricks

Nintendo Switch 10 Tips & Tricks

The Nintendo Switch has plenty of little secrets and tips you probably want to hear. Let us tell you how to get the most out of this new console!

reported profit and sales that topped estimates as more people bought the new gaming machine, lifting prospects for brisk shipments during the holiday season. Operating profit for April-June, the Switch’s first full quarter on store shelves, was 16.2 billion yen ($145 million), exceeding analysts’ average projection for 10.6 billion yen. Revenue more than doubled to 154.1 billion yen, beating the prediction for 139 billion yen.

The system has an uncanny ability to surprise you just when you think you’ve uncovered all its secrets. It also, unfortunately, can leave you wondering what Nintendo was thinking during certain parts of Switch’s development. It’s important to note, however, hardly any of that matters when playing “The Legend of Zelda; Breath of the Wild,” which is a truly remarkable game. In order to judge Switch, however, it’s important to leave “Zelda” out of the discussion, and focus on the system itself. Here are some things we love about Nintendo’s new console, and You Love it too.

What makes Switch so unique is it’s truly portable. Unlike its predecessor the Wii U, Switch supports game cartridges which enable the system to be brought virtually anywhere. You either can play with the detachable JoyCon controllers attached to the side of the system, or prop the system up on its kickstand and play with a JoyCon in each hand. With the JoyCon controllers attached, the system isn’t nearly as portable as consoles such as the Nintendo 3DS or PlayStation PSP Vita. It’s ability to run games in high definition, however, makes it a superior system to other portable consoles. It’s also not so bad to play “Zelda” in your hands, while everyone else watches the ballgame on TV. USA, LLC

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