Why To Start selling On Shopify in 2018

Why To Start selling On Shopify in 2018

Why To Start selling On Shopify in 2018 

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These are the benefits of  Shopify.  Shopping on Instagram Goes Global with Shopify, Instagram sales channel

Sell your products on Instagram by tagging them when they appear in your Instagram posts. Customers who find your tagged products on Instagram can tap a link to view and buy a product in your online store. This is the best sales funnel integration tool.

Instagram, a fun, popular photo-sharing app for mobile devices, is a great venue for Shopify’s hundreds of thousands of merchants in categories such as fashion, jewelry, beauty, furniture and home decor to grow their customer base in a meaningful way

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There is not any reason today not to use Shopify to start an online business. Shopify is the only platform that has the tools and free training be successful. Selling channels can be added to any store. Buy from Pinterest pin, buy from facebook and best buy from instagram now.

Social networks channels gives you direct selling to customers. You can sell anything with shopify. I even sell digital products like ebooks and internet selling classes with shopify. There is really no limit here.

Shopify is not just for online selling its made to get you sales with a brick and mortar location also. You want more foot traffic to your local store. Shopify uses map technology integration tools that can easily be added to online shops. Google maps with google shopping will get you foot traffic.

New Google Retail Shopping Campaigns Sell products to the shoppers who matter most—the ones looking for what you offer, whether they’re at home, on the go, or in-store. You only pay when they click through to your website or view your local inventory.

Influencing Visitors with Social Media

  • How often do you visit an ecommerce store and check their social media pages to see if they’re up to date and active?
  • The ecommerce benchmark for the size of a social community is smaller than you might think.
  • In fact, if you’re able to build a community of around 1000 fans, you’ll be outperforming over 60% of ecommerce store

I can’t tell you ever detail till you look for yourself.

Types of Social Proof

In the ecommerce world, there’s quite a few ways to use social proof to influence visitors.

Here’s a list of the types of social proof we’ll be showing you how to implement in this post:

  • Proof in numbers
  • Social following
  • Ratings and reviews
  • Expert mentions
  • Testimonials

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