Cobra Kai TV Series 2018 Review

Cobra Kai TV Series 2018 Review

Cobra Kai TV Series 2018 Review Now, 34 years later, the 10-episode, half-hour streaming dramedy Cobra Kai rekindles the feud between now middle-aged rivals Johnny (William Zabka) and Daniel (Ralph Macchio) while also introducing a new gang of bullied youngsters in need of a proper sensei.

It’s an inspired twist to make Johnny the hero this time — albeit one predicted by Barney Stinson on How I Met Your Mother. — and Zabka rises to the occasion. He’s best remembered as the blonde villain from ’80s movies, but he’s endearingly gruff here, as Johnny dusts himself off and claws his way towards something resembling self-respect. (When Daniel mentions his old karate tournament win, Johnny quickly fires back, “It was an illegal kick,” like it’s a mantra he’s been repeating to himself for years.) It’s not easy to get us to sympathize with a prototypical bad dude like Johnny Lawrence, but Cobra Kai pulls it off, thanks to Zabka’s prickly charm.

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With a flashback of the climactic fight from the original Karate Kid film, with underdog Daniel LaRusso crane-kicking rich jerk Johnny Lawrence in the face on his way to victory. But instead of celebrating with Daniel, we stay with Johnny, and Cobra Kai is the story of how that crushing defeat went on to affect his entire life. Three decades later, Johnny is a loser: living alone, perpetually hungover and working thankless odd jobs as a handyman, mounting flat-screen TVs for grumpy housewives. Meanwhile, Daniel is a success, overseeing a vast car dealership empire with billboards that trade on his karate fame… and taunt Johnny everywhere he goes. (Would locals really remember who won a random teen karate tournament back in the ’80s

As a long time fan of the not just the movie I am a Fan of the both actors careers. Cobra Kai so far is looking like a great series. You red did give out the first 2 episodes free.