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Why You Should Get Target Red Card (Review)

Target Red Card (Review)

Unlike using a credit card, the REDcard discount is applied at the time of purchase, making the savings immediate. … Previous purchases. Target credit account payments, Target Debit Card cash back and cash advances on the TargetMasterCard. Gift wrap and shipping and handling charges on Target.com purchases

Target REDcard Benefits & Features

Holiday’s are around the corner Shopping online will save you time. No Lines to wait in. Also Popular order to store pickup.

The 5% savings this card offers at Target and Target.com is hard to beat. It’s a better discount than what you can find through even the best reward credit cards.

As mentioned above, the most noteworthy benefit of the REDcard is the 5% discount it provides on most purchases at the store and online at Target.com. Unlike using a credit card, the REDcard discount is applied at the time of purchase, making the savings immediate. In most card reward programs, this type of benefit works more like a rebate, with the discount being applied after some period of time.

The 5% discount does not apply to:

  • Prescriptions, clinic services at Target and Target Optical™ eye exams
  • Target gift cards and prepaid cards
  • Previous purchases
  • Target credit account payments, Target Debit Card cash back and cash advances on the Target MasterCard
  • Gift wrap and shipping and handling charges on Target.com purchases
  • Wireless protection program purchases and deposits required by mobile carrier
  • Where otherwise prohibited by law

In addition to the discount, using the REDcard at Target.com also qualifies users to free standard shipping within the United States. Items purchased using the card also receive an extra 30 days for returns, on most items. The only exception to this promotion are items that are already non-refundable, have a fixed return date, or mobile purchases.