Testing The Cheapest Axe On Amazon

Testing The Cheapest Axe On AMAZON


How Can A $20 Axe Be This Good ????

Cold Steel Trail Boss Hickory Handle
I hate writing reviews but I had to for this product. I repair and renew many types of old tools but my favorite to do are axes. I have spent many hours hand working and using axes, so I own many of them. I have them from all makes, eras, countries, and price ranges. Honestly I bought this axe for stuff in dirt or around things like concrete where the edge could get destroyed and I wouldn’t think twice because it was some cheap tool. I was so very wrong. I have had this axe for 6 months now. It has fell multiple small trees, taken everything I have thrown at it, and now it has lasted through hurricane Harvey. I grab this little guy before all others in my collection now and never blink. It honestly has very little wear compared to what I have done with it. I will post pics. Yes mine doesn’t look like a standard trail boss but I assure you it is. The things I have done to mine are cosmetic and the axe is perfect out of the box. Good job Cold Steel, we appreciate you and your quality products down here in Houston.

To those wondering…the orientation of the toe to heel to handle was perfectly straight. Also the grain of the handle was perfectly straight front to back as it should be, and head has not moved AT ALL.